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                            Glass Guardian

Eliminate Fear of Plastics and Pollution

Designed for active and health-conscious individuals and families to be healthy and safe, while helping our planet. Be healthy and eco-friendly while protecting yourself and your loved ones from harmful chemicals and broken glass.

Eco-friendly. BPA/BPS, lead, and phthalates free. Healthy for your body and for the environment.

Fits a variety of bottles to include: beverage bottles, wine bottles, water bottles, baby bottles and pharmaceutical bottles.

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Numerous advantages to include: reduces the chance of accidental breakage, insulates bottle, easy to see contents, and easy to clean.

Designed for serious protection for serious athletes, wine lovers, outdoorsmen or women, and children. We want you to break free and experience the freedom to use glass without fear.

Responsibly made. Environmentally friendly. Let’s change the world, one life at a time, one bottle at a time.


Protect What Matters Most: Health and Family

You provide protection for the important things in life, why not Protect one of the most important? Your body and the beverages you drink?

We love glass because it’s healthy, but we don’t like the fact it’s fragile. With the Glass Guardian, you can have glass containers, durability, safety, and peace of mind.

We protect one of the most important things in life, our life source, water! Water free of plastic chemicals and taste, and water free from accidental glass breakage. The Glass Guardian provides just that.

Protection of what’s important.






Versatile and Flexible for Any Bottle or Container!

We love versatility and ease, and it’s even better when it’s good for you.

We love the fact that the Glass Guardian can protect so many awesome containers like baby bottles, water bottles, wine bottles, glass jars, and medicine bottles, while protecting our customers and our environment.

You can use the Glass Guardian on your beverage bottle for protection and then reuse the bottle or jar for your drinks, or, you can easily put it on every bottle you use. Either way, we love the versatility and it gives our customers multiple options.

Who doesn’t love choices and options?


We’re Changing the World! Meet the Glass Guardian Team!

jo-chris-tavaresProudly Veteran owned and operated. Both of our founders were deployed to Afghanistan and drank water from UV exposed plastic bottles which has been linked to numerous health problems. They wanted to make a change and decrease the impact of exposure to chemicals in plastic bottles, and wanted people to drink from a safe and proven container, glass, without the safety hazards of broken glass or having to buy a specially made glass container.

We promote the use of glass and want to reduce the amount of plastic bottles in our landfills and in our environment, and reduce your exposure to chemicals like BPS, BPA, lead, and phthalates which are commonly found in plastic and have been linked to numerous health problems. Please feel free to see our resource page for more information!

Built for the serious athlete, outdoors enthusiast, health conscious, or nature lover, the Glass Guardian was made to protect our bodies, environment, and world from plastics.

We love helping our customers to live healthy, safe, and awesome lives without being worried about broken glass or leaching chemicals.

The Glass Guardian Bottle Cover, or Gogi as we affectionately call it, can protect you and your loved ones from harmful BPA, BPS, lead, phthalates, and broken glass. Proudly created with safety, health, and protection in mind, the Glass Guardian ensures you and your loved ones have that peace of mind.

We focus on durability and quality, not cost, which is why the Glass Guardian is made of 100% medical grade silicone- easy to clean and protects users from hot or cold beverages, while still allowing them to easily see the contents of their container. Beautiful, innovative, and resilient, the Glass Guardian has an elongation of over 700% allowing it to fit a variety of bottles while still providing the protection you need, stylishly. It can be used on a variety of (new or recycled) beverage containers to include: glass bottles, glass baby bottles, glass jars, wine bottles, and can even be used for medicine bottles.

Feel free to check out our amazing team, founders and inventor of the Glass Guardian.


Our Products Speak for Themselves. Check Them Out!

We believe in giving our customers choices and options to match their personality, their mood, or their outfit.

Glass Guardian Blue Sleeve Cover

Comes in Royal Blue, Eco-Green, and Luxury Purple! More colors coming soon, tell us which colors you would like to see next!

Glass Guardian Green Sleeve Cover

Quality made: 100% medical grade FDA approved silicone allows it to fit a variety of bottles.

Glass Guardian Purple Sleeve Cover

Easy maintenance: dishwasher friendly or hand wash Easy application and removal on your choice of bottle.



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Our awesome work!

We believe in making a difference through our products and our actions. We proudly sponsor and host different health, wellness, fitness, and athletic events. Here are some of the organizations we have partnered or worked with recently. Interested in learning more about how we're changing the community? Head over to our philanthropy page.




See How Glass Guardian Helps the Lives of Others!

What people are saying about us.

  • When I found out what plastics were doing to my family and me, we switched to glass with our protective sleeves immediately. Even though it is a little heavier than plastic, it’s completely worth it knowing that I am giving my family healthy drinks without all the nasty taste. I am a huge fan of taking care of my environment, so that’s another great advantage of this product! I can recycle my glass bottles without having to worry about polluting my environment while giving my family the best.

    Kestida C.
  • I’ve always been concerned about the quality of food and water in today’s world. It’s convenient to grab a bottle of water from the store or gas station on the way home; however, I’m guilty of leaving the bottles in my car. There are numerous studies that show leaving plastic bottles in your car, in the extreme heat, can lead to health problems. Ever since I stumbled upon Glass Guardian, I’ve made it a point to use glass water bottles more often. I don’t know of another solution on the market that’s so versatile and high quality. I’ve really enjoyed using Glass Guardian wherever I go.

    John M.
  • There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping your water bottle and watching it shatter to pieces. I’m always in a hurry and have broken several bottles, over the years. That’s where Glass Guardian saved the day for me! It’s almost impossible to break any bottle with this bad boy! You almost have to intentionally smash your bottle on the ground before anything happens to it. It’s great for parties as well, especially if they’re serving bottled beer.

    Brian C.
  • As an avid runner and Marine, I’m always on the go. Whether I’m training for a race or at drill for the weekend, we’re expected to consume a lot of water. After doing research on the best container to store water, I discovered that glass water bottles were the best option. There’s just one problem: glass + hazardous environments = disaster. Then, a buddy turned me onto Glass Guardian. I was skeptical at first but after trying it out for myself, I immediately bought several for friends and family as Christmas gifts. They think I’m a little crazy, but I assure them that the product is solid and can serve many purposes. Thank you for helping me enjoy my life a little more.

    David R.
  • I am a health-conscious, organic, and eco-friendly fanatic, so this is definitely a product I love. I’m on the go quite a bit, so making sure a product that I could use anywhere was a large factor. I only drink from glass, and having a protective sleeve that can fit around my bottles was perfect and it goes with me anywhere I want. I love using it for my drinks, but also for my protein shakes when I’m in the gym. The sleeve helps immensely with the grip, but when it fell from the counter onto the floor, it didn’t break or crack! This is an awesome product especially for people that care about their health and their environment.

    Dennis M.

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