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Eco-Friendly the new status symbol

We love the fact that our society has become as environmentally conscious as we have.  The Daily has promoted this lifestyle even more with their article: ECO-FRIENDLY THE NEW STATUS SYMBOL.  What’s even better is the social movement to help our environment and our fellow man. I have personally grown up in a household that actively promoted taking care of the environment while still using resources is all about balance.  We can’t experience a great life without the balance of taking care of our Earth but also taking care of ourselves.  I was always taught to only take what you need and will use, and renew that resource when you do take something from the environment. At Glass Guardian, we believe in recycling glass bottles, protecting glass bottles to protect our health, and using our bottle covers for glass to decrease plastic consumption and pollution. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful journey to protect what really matters: our health and our environment. Let’s use glass safely with the glass bottle cover!

Your family and health are your MOST valuable assets. Protect the people you love the most. Invest in a Glass Guardian and watch your life be transformed!


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